About Me

I am a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist and Mental Health Counsellor, licensed by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA). My personal journey with the therapeutic effects of movement and the arts started during my own tryst with anxiety and depression. As an 18-year-old I was abruptly met with overwhelm, paranoia and anxiety. Verbal therapy, dance, writing and art gave me the necessary tools to heal. I quickly became curious about the impact of dance and the other arts on the body and mind. This curiosity led me to Chicago, USA for a MA in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counselling. Upon receiving my license to practice I moved back to India to share my experience and knowledge in the field of mental health and psychotherapy.

I strongly believe that my role as a therapist is to simply guide my clients to uncover that which they already know. And to eventually help empower them to further their own independent healing journey. In my practice I use the body and movement as an assessment and intervention tool to further emotional expression, communication, self-confidence, social integration and healing. I work with children, adolescents and adults who have a variety of mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and special needs.

My Work Experience


The Rhythm Project, Abyudhaya Nagar Municipal School, Mumbai
Group sessions for selected children who have experienced early complex trauma.


SPJ Sadhana School, Mumbai
Group DMT and individual DMT for children with special needs.


Prisim Health Institute, Mumbai
Group workshops and individual therapy and counselling for children, teens, adults and older adults experiencing a variety of mental health challenges.


Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Group therapy for children battling cancer in the in-patient facility.


Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, Chicago, IL
Group and individual expressive art therapy at an in-patient psych hospital catering to children, teens, adults and older adults experiencing various different mental disorders ranging from depression to schizophrenia.


United Stand Counselling Services, Chicago, IL
Individual counselling and group DMT at inner-city schools with children and teens who have experienced trauma, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, stress and other related mental health challenges.


Community Resources and Support Program, Anixter Center, Chicago, IL
Dance/Movement Therapy at this day program for adults with developmental disorders.