I strongly believe that the course of therapy should be as unique as your own lived experiences. I therefore offer a range of services – all of which are tailored to your individual needs, challenges and strengths. Goals and outcomes are set in collaboration with you as you are truly in the driver’s seat on your journey through the healing process.

Individual Therapy

These one-on-one therapy sessions are designed to help you work on personal goals set by you in conjunction with the therapist. The aim is to help empower you to independently combat your challenges during and after the therapy process.

Suggested For : Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Grief, Loss.

Benefits Of Individual Therapy

  • Individual attention which helps the therapist reach the root of the challenge and healing.
  • Safe space to explore personal feelings, beliefs, and behaviours.
  • Create a healthy therapeutic relationship with the therapist which helps foster healing.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are designed for more than two people working on similar goals. The group process will help you explore your own challenges and healing in an altruistic and empathic space with others.

Suggested For : Addiction counselling, Grief, Stress, children with social and behavioural challenges, Depression, Loss.

Benefits Of GroupTherapy

  • The group dynamic helps you feel more understood and less isolated in your own experience by integrating you into a shared experience.
  • It helps you give and receive support which are both important in the healing process.
  • It helps improve communication skills and socialization skills.

Family Therapy

These therapy sessions are designed for you and members of your family you wish to bring in. The final goal is to help you resolve problems and find balance within the family dynamic and yourself.

Suggested For : Challenges in relationships within a family.

Benefits Of Family Therapy

  • Helps understand how the family functions by identifying strengths and weaknesses within the family system.
  • Set goals and develop strategies to resolve challenges.
  • Helps improve communication skills between members which helps make the entire family stronger.