Online Therapy
& Counselling

I am currently offering individual online DMT and counselling sessions. These are open to any body working through pre-existing mental health challenges or new ones being experienced through the lockdown. You can also reach out if you are simply looking for some guidance and support to get through the lockdown. To set up a virtual individual therapy session, please get in touch.


Group Therapy Sessions

I am conducting weekly virtual group therapy sessions focused on goals such as decreasing anxiety, managing stress, improving mood and connecting to the self. I have started these with organizations such as Teach For India and Entytle India to name a few. Additionally, these are open to other organizations and groups too. To set up a virtual group therapy session please get in touch.


Let’s Connect –Mental Health Support for Teams and Employees

Let’s Connect is a unique psychotherapeutic service that utilizes concepts from dance/movement therapy, creative arts therapy and counselling. It is designed specifically for teams and employees who are working remotely from home and trying to adapt in this current environment. Let’s Connect provides teams and employees a structured yet fluid, directive yet interactive and virtual yet connected space to increase awareness, gain acceptance, and learn to adapt

There are two core aspects
to ‘Let’s connect’

Connecting to the self

Introspecting and becoming more self-aware of one’s own feelings, thoughts, body held sensations and experience; in order to effectively adapt personal and professional styles through this phase.

Connecting to others

Understanding each other’s needs as a team, communicating and building empathy in order to effectively adapt through this phase together.

In order to achieve the above goals, we simply:

  • Schedule a 90 min to 2-hour session.
  • Come together and participate in various interactive and creative activities.
  • Reflect on and share our experiences and learnings with each other.

To sign up for a Let’s Connect session, get in touch.

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Over and above these, if you have any mental health queries or are looking for support, please get in touch.

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