The Vision

To create a future generation that is empowered, empathic and resilient; having better adapted from the repetitive cycle of early traumatic experiences.

The Challenge

In India today, over 7 million children live in extreme poverty experiencing neglect, abuse, and early persistent trauma.

These early adverse experiences lead to challenges in their overall biopsychosocial development.

While there are numerous interventions focused on improving their biological needs of sanitation, shelter and even education; there are fewer interventions with a primary goal of improving their psychosocial wellbeing and development.

Our Mission

To promote psychosocial well-being in individuals and communities who have experienced trauma.

To develop and execute a program that fosters resilience in children and their support systems or allies.

To break the repetitive cycle of trauma that is passed on from one generation to the next.

To utilize techniques and principles of counseling, dance/movement therapy and other creative art forms in the execution.